Community Led Homes

Community Led Homes is a partnership project between the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality, the National Community Land Trust Network and UK Cohousing. We offer resources, guidance and signposting to groups pursuing community led housing projects.

In recent years it's become clear that while there are different ways of doing community led housing, be it a community land trust, cohousing or the co-operative movement, the motivations for groups are remarkably similar: normal people want to create a better way of living for themselves and others.

Taking on the system and doing something new is hard. Community Led Homes is our effort to make community led housing as easy as possible for those that want to do it.

We have supported hundreds of community led housing groups and have seen first-hand the positive impact community led housing is having. Just as the pioneering community led housing groups that have formed to date have and are demonstrating: there is power in numbers. Together we will work to help community led housing become a mainstream housing option.

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