Model of a village or town. Visual representation of a neighborhood plan.

What is this guide for?

  • The Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap describes each stage in the neighbourhood plan making process.
  • The aim is to help you easily understands each necessary statutory stage, without getting too bogged down in the legislation.

Who is this guide for?

  • This guide is for anyone involved in or interested in developing or implementing a neighbourhood plan.
  • You should read it at the start of your neighbourhood planning journey and refer back to it throughout.

What you’ll learn from this guide

  • each of the stages and activities required to produce a neighbourhood plan
  • when and how to designate a neighbourhood area,
  • how to create a neighbourhood forum,
  • when to submit your plan to the local planning authority,
  • what is required for examination and referendum
  • what needs to be done once your plan comes into force
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